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Winternships and a new look

Winternships and a new look

Sophia d'Antoine
by Sophia d'Antoine
Nov 7, 2022

The website has gotten a facelift! If you've been to our site before you might notice some changes. The most significant change is in our blog backend, making sharing our great research and new tool releases easier with the internet. Another big shift is consolidating all of our presentation material, published articles, and other bits and pieces into one single resources section. Last but not least, we've included a teams section at the bottom of the main page so you can get to know us.

Internships for Winter 22/23

Margin Research is proud to announce our Winternship 2022/2023 program. Applicants may apply by sending us an email with their resume and a brief description of why they want to work with us at [email protected].

The Winternship program is a short and remote internship over your school's winter break. This is meant as a fun task to do in your free time, between holiday festivities with your family and friends. Individuals must have at least three weeks free to work on a chosen project and some experience relevant to the chosen project. A bounty of up to $2500 is granted to participants who successfully attempted their project.

A Winternship typically starts in mid-December after most university semesters come to a close and ends after 3-6 weeks when university spring semesters commence.

Read about past Winternship projects

For this project I did a partial analysis of the Wyze V2 Camera. It’s a small camera that allows one to live stream video in 1080p to your phone from anywhere. It also supports motion/sound recording with cloud storage via AWS. This data can also be stored to an SD card.
This winter, I had the opportunity to intern at Margin Research. Being a computer science student who had little to no experience in security, I was nervous even applying. Despite that, I really wanted to dip my toes into security to see what it was like. I wanted a stretch
Remote Android Debugging
Covid just made GDB obsolete, long live Frida! Imagine a world where you don’t have to press 500 keys just to get to the same state as you were in the last run and where you actually can introspect the runtime. Frida offers a somewhat clean way to debug

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