Who we are — Margin Research

Who we are

Since 2018, we’ve been dedicated to tackling new research problems in cybersecurity. We’re a boutique research firm based in NYC engineering tailored solutions for our clientele. Our clients, which include DARPA, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits, are our priority, and always have fast, easy contact with our technical team members so that their resources can be best spent where it counts.

The team at Margin Research takes pride in coming from multiple areas of the cybersecurity industry such as academia, defensive teams, vulnerability research, and consulting for both the public and private sectors. We come prepared with deep knowledge in offensive research, reverse engineering, secure development, and threat intelligence. This allows us to apply our wealth of expertise to create novel solutions for the industry’s existing challenges, contribute to the cybersecurity of your programs & applications, and defend forward.

With each new challenge we face, we rise to the occasion further improving our skills to conquer. It’s the tough problems that motivate us and make us click.

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