In Search of Lost Bytes: Assurance Under Low Trust Conditions

Digital markets have quickly grown to international proportions, complexities in materials, development, and distribution have developed accordingly, resulting in market efficiency.

When expanding any supply chain for an IoT voting machine to an entire national infrastructure, cost, reliability, and security of the alien component is taken into account. However, often overlooked is the incalculable risks associated with failings from any number of attributes tied to the supplier.

There is a fine line between acceptable and irreconcilable risk, and mitigations only serve to reduce risk. While some risks are avoidable, others are not, and ignoring the facts has disproportionate consequences. This presentation will explore modern supply chain security risks and mitigations by showcasing the technical details of several security vulnerabilities, calculated risk, and difficulty in fully mitigating them through a technical deep dive of 5G infrastructure.

Presented by Sophia d'Antoine & Perri Adams at Countermeasure 2019

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