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We have extensive experience in the fields of automated program analysis, vulnerability discovery, behavioral analytics, and inauthentic behavior discovery. Our knowledge of offensive research, reverse engineering, secure development, and threat intelligence make us well equiped to handle the industry’s toughest challenges.

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Applied Research & Development

Offensive research & development is one of Margin Research’s specialties. Using proven methods and techniques, we provide custom tailored research solutions for our clients’ needs and wishes.

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Security Consulting

The team at Margin Research has combined decades of experience spread around many niches in security. By leveraging this expertise, we can assist our clients in solving their complex problems. Previous work includes assisting with design decisions on security products to comprehensive threat modeling so that our clients’ resources can be most effectively spent on the problems which matter most.

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Program Analysis

Focusing on static analysis, Margin Research offers custom platform and architecture independent tools specifically tailored towards our clients’ needs and mission. We will work closely with you to design the most accurate and efficient tools or to deliver higher level reports of the code being analyzed.

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Reverse Engineering

Whether the target be an embedded device, mobile device, firmware, or an undocumented protocol, Margin Research’s talented team can perform deep analysis to gain key insights into the target’s capabilities and features. We will work directly with your team to clearly define and document the findings so actions may be taken.

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Software Vulnerability Auditing

Margin Research offers both black and white box vulnerability auditing. The processes used lean on the team’s deep knowledge of reverse engineering, program analysis tooling development, instrumentation, and fuzzing to gain the best overview of the state of security of the given system.

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Knowing how to best leverage your tools is paramount in the fields of program analysis and vulnerability research. Margin Research offers in-depth training to bring you or your team up to speed on the state-of-the-art program analysis techniques and tools. Primarily focusing on Binary Ninja & leveraging their API, students are given lessons on topics such as extending Binary Ninja to support new architectures, writing platform independent analysis tools, and diving into abstract interpretation and other program analysis theory. All lessons include hands-on, real-world components.

Check out our public training schedule here or contact us to book an in house, private training for your company.