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Who Owns Your Kernel?

Presented at Summercon 2021, we discuss the open source supply chains, information operations targeting them, and how to identify these attacks (with some crazy examples of course). This project, to explore and protect the integrity of open source code, was funded via DARPA's SocialCyber program.

Out-of-Order Execution as a Cross-VM Side-Channel and Other Applications

In this paper, we introduce a novel side-channel which functions across virtual machines. The side-channel functions through the detection of out-of-order execution. We create a simple duplex channel as well as a broadcast channel. We discuss possible adversaries for the side-channel and propose further work to make the channel more secure, efficient and applicable in realistic scenarios. In addition, we consider seven possible malicious applications of this channel: theft of encryption keys, program identification, environmental keying, malicious triggers, determining virtual machine co-location, malicious data injection, and covert channels.


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